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Spartans Sports

On Turkey Bowl 2006, the Spartans faced off against newly won parade winners, the St. Pius Panthers. In this battle, there was no blow out. Possibly the greatest turkey bowl ever played. St. Annies started the game with the ball, doing nothing much with it. St.Pius could not come up on oppurnuity either. It wasnt until the end of the first half when Ryan White scored a 13 yard TD to put the Spartans up 6-0. On the extra try, the field goal was missed.

At halftime there was no celebration like the year before when the Spartans took a 30-0 lead. In the thrid quarter, the Panthers scored tying the game. Then on a fake extra point, they scored taking the lead 7-6.

The Spartans were determined to come back and win. The Spartans drove down the field starting from their own 15. By the end of the third quarter, they were on the 50 yard line with a first down. Mario Diougaurdi, Mike Tomzach, Ryan White lead the way with the rushing while the O-Line did their part. Sean Gordon was the brilant QB who stayed focused the whole game. I was the Wide Reciver blocking!

But in all seriousness, with 2 minutes left, Mike Tomzach scored putting the Spartans ahead 12-6. Then, Mario Diogaurdi nailed the extra point giving us a 14-7 lead. St. Puis was angry and needed to come back driving in the wind, and rain. But, they threw an interception giving St. Annies THE BIG W. and bragging rights throughout B-MALL. It was the last game together for all of the Spartans and it was probably the best way to go out.

Mike McGuire
2006 Season

In an importantgame in the mid-season the ST.ANASTASIA SPARTANS faced off against the St. Francis(baby bruins. annies scored early with a touchdown from Mike Tomzach in the first quarter. Then in the 2nd Mario Dioguardi scored another putting the game to 16-0. Then in the 4th Ryan White scored to put it away. Final score 22-0 setting the spartans up against St. Katherines in a homcoming thriller.

Mike McGuire
2006 Season

2005 - I was out all season with a broken collarbone, came back to play in the Turkey Bowl and scored on an 88 yard touchdown run! We won 37-6!!

Andrew Steinmetz
Class of 2006

It was a dark night on 69th street and the Spartans were coming off a huge championship win against St. Agnes to play the Division III St. Cyrils. Pregame flares began at the coin toss when their quarterback approached Gene Williams and said "Let it be known dat I'm da best quarterback in da league". We Spartans took it as a joke. The Spartans won the toss and received the kick for a short gain by Connor Breslin. There was a fumble on the play but it was recovered by non other than the Spartans hugest over-achiever WR Tom Reynolds. The Spartans started out slow and went three and out and punted the ball to Cyrils.

St. Cyrils struck fast and continued to hand the ball off to their best player number 5. They marched down the field and scored. The Spartans did not fool around like we did in the first drive. Our offensive line ancored by me..Bill Ghaul (LT) Mike Doherty (LG) Sean Smith (C) Sean Ridinger (RG) and T-Mac (RT) pushed the D-Line back. We gave QB Gene Williams just enough time to deliver a beautiful pass to RB Steve Perpiglia for 6. The extra point was GOOOOD.

The Spartans made a few adjustments on D and a turnover was forced by DT Hunter Tierney. Hunter stole the handoff and took it back for about 10 yards. The frustrated Cyril quarterback facemasked Hunter and gave the Spartans an extra 15 yards. On offense RB Steve Perglia reminded Cyrils why he is going to the BlueGold game by scoring on a long touchdown run. Hey it all starts up front ya know what I'm sayin : ) The extra point was GOOOOD.

It was half time and the frustrated Cyrils began to get dirty and trash talk to the Spartans trying to attack them personally instead of by scoring. This dirtyact was lead by number 4. We never responded by words but by putting points up on the board. Ed Morris had a tremendous run thatshut St. Cyrils mouths upand set up the Spartans for the game sealing touchdown run by FB Hunter Tierney. This was Hunters first touchdown run since joining our team earlier in the season. The second team was sent in to close out Cyrils.

Mike Pund was sent in to start at cornerback and shut downSt. Cyril's pass attack but instead was called up to stop the run unexpetedly. A counter was run to Pund's side and Pund sacrificed his body and tripped the ball carrier up and made the play. Pund was decked and flew 6 feet in the process. This pumped up the sidelines and everyone congratulated Pund. The game was won and the Spartans came out of 69th street with a win overSt. Cyrils.

Bill Ghaul
2007 Season

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